What’s New in LED Lighting

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Want to add some spook to your office Halloween party? Jazz up your Christmas luncheon? Set the mood with lighting for Valentine’s Day? Call Nordic Mechanical for the Latest LED Technology: Multicolor LEDs.

Though LEDs have been around and in practical use for decades, they continue to be a source of innovation and an important technological development. New developments are leading to new and improved products in nearly every sector LED lights are found. We are especially excited about big breakthroughs in color tuning, both in terms of technique and application. The lights can be controlled remotely through wifi, and can even be integrated with a sound system!

It was only recently that LED finally achieved the elusive blue, opening the possibility of full-spectrum LED arrays. Just this year, scientists have developed a technique that allows for a single LED to produce all three primary colors. This has big implications for active LED displays, which normally require three to four tiny, individual LEDs placed near each other to render the full spectrum. Before long, we may start seeing LED displays made up of color-tuned LEDs.

What’s more, the new LED technique ― doping the gallium nitride with a rare earth element called europium ― is compatible with current GaN-based LED technologies. We commonly see GaN-based LEDs at work in commercial solid-state lighting, which means this advancement will have significant implications in the commercial sector going forward.

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