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Indoor air quality (IAQ) is at the forefront of many minds as the world deals with a global pandemic and virus. We all want to feel safe everywhere we go as the air is filled with particles such as dust, dander, pollen, odors and pathogens. Clean air is important more than ever.  

At Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd., we use Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) products, one of many products we use, to improve our clients’ IAQ. GPS technology fights pathogens and provides safer, cleaner air.

What is GPS and its technology?

GPS uses needlepoint bipolar ionization or NPBI™ technology to create clean indoor air that doesn’t produce unsafe byproducts such as ozone. Studies have proven that GPS’ technology has the ability to reduce infectivity of certain viruses by 90% or more.

How does it work?

GPS’ patented technology creates a high concentration of positive and negative ions in the ventilation system. These ions attach to particles and pathogens making them unable to pass through the filters and entering the air. This allows for cleaner, safer air for everyone to enjoy.

The process:

  • Targets particles
  • Tackles odours
  • Reduces pathogens
  • Saves energy

Can GPS be installed in my current system or will I need a new one?

GPS can be installed in any system in any building and typical installations can be done in 30-60 minutes. A great bonus about this technology is that it cleans the air inside industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

How successful is GPS in reducing COVID-19?

On June 10, 2020, GPS announced a 99.4% reduction rate on a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) surface strain within 30 minutes through industry-leading ionization testing, the first instance in which an air purification company has effectively neutralized SARS-CoV-2.

Watch this video to learn more about GPS’ technology and  the Power of Ions

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