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Giving Back

From inception, Nordic has embraced the importance of supporting the local community and the individuals and organizations that form it’s foundation. We give our time, treasure, or talent to more than 70 not-for-profit organizations. It is incredibly amazing to see the change in people’s lives when they know someone actually cares.

The Nordic team realizes how blessed we are to be able to give back. We believe philanthropy of any kind is a vital part of forming a sense of community within the organization and beyond.  The difference we make every day in people’s lives by improving the quality and comfort of the environment within which they work allows us a lot more than we ever imagined possible.

Nordic is a proud supporter of numerous community arts and festivals, many places of worship, and countless charitable organizations that provide assistance and support to society’s less fortunate.

Celebrating 25 Years giving back to the Community at the Ronald McDonald House

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