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Is your building evolving with your business needs?

Nordic is there alongside you in partnership, providing complete turn-key project solutions in order to provide a well detailed project scope of work, expertise, and the best applications to meet and exceed your need.

Nordic understands the challenges of HVAC systems especially as these systems age and building needs change. We are able to update HVAC systems into today’s efficiency standards while lowering owning and operating costs.

Upgrading and retrofitting your existing facility has very different challenges from new construction. Design-Build, Retrofit requires a high level of expertise to understand your current equipment, operational applications and integration of new technologies. The goal is to retrofit with minimal disruption to your organization while keeping costs in check and allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Complete Turn-key Solutions

Whether you need:

  • Boiler retrofits
  • Chiller upgrades
  • Ventilation upgrades
  • New installations of heating/cooling systems
  • Process equipment
  • Design/Build systems based on client requirements
  • Sheet metal / Duct distribution


For more information reach out to one of our Nordic Team Members about capital planning and our amortization programs.

Before & After

Our team evaluates the equipment you have in use and will recommend the most cost-effective upgrade within your budget. Nordic will design and install your new system, which is more efficient and cost effective than having separate contractors for each.  Nordic can even amortize your project over time, interest free.