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Schneider Electric Technology

Nordic has partnered with Schneider Electric to provide integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) to be your complete, one-stop solution for controlling multiple building systems and lowering energy costs. From our facility or anywhere in the world, you or us can monitor your facility and can instantly provide online support and adjust the temperature, lighting, security cameras, access controls, and much more.  Your facility is guaranteed proper asset management. Utilizing Schneider Electric technology and Nordic’s superior customer service, installers, and service professionals, you are guaranteed an innovative approach to a complete building solution that takes automated integration systems to a new level. Your entire system, regardless of how many you have now or in the future, will be monitored and managed centrally.

Nordic Offers:

  • Customized and seamless service
  • Centrally monitored and managed systems
  • Online support for systems monitoring
  • Reduced infrastructure cost
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased net value of your facility
We are continually impressed with the caliber of people interacting with our company whether it is your technicians on site, Nordic’s office staff or working through the sales process.

Donna, Project & Facilities Administrator - Cantega Technologies Inc.