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We Can Help Your Business Lower Energy Costs

Our aim is to lower owning and operating costs through tangible energy savings. We have partnered with Building Advice and through that affiliation we offer our support and service for organizations to help control operating costs through sound data versus unfounded recommendations.

Energy costs are the single largest controllable cost in most commercial buildings (33% of variable operating costs, on average!)  Yet most mechanical service contractors do not have the capability to provide analysis or advice about the energy performance of the buildings they service.

Energy Assessment Technology

That’s where we’re different. From our “energized” service agreements to our Green Building Services which identify potential energy-saving measures, our aim is to help lower your owning and operating costs.

We do this by:

  1. Benchmarking the energy performance of your building(s) to determine how it stacks up against peer buildings and gauge the potential for energy savings and ENERGY STAR® or LEED® certification;
  2. Identifying low-cost and no-cost measures which could help take a reduce energy costs the very next month.
  3. Performing a detailed Energy Assessment of your building(s) to identify specific energy conservation measures and provide estimated financial impact (ROI) of proposed measures so you can make an informed decision
  4. Installing a system for Continuous Measurement of the energy used in your building(s) that uses sophisticated analysis software to verify that actual savings meet expectations and automatically generate alerts when energy use exceeds preset ranges.

Complementing this powerful energy services offering is our long history of providing exceptional service and maintenance for the mechanical systems in buildings today. We work closely with our clients to develop a customized package of services that meet building and business needs for a comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environment.  We will demonstrate that our services actually save you money.