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Ways to Actively Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

1. Global Plasma Solutions

GPS Bipolar Ionization purifies the air by targeting particles, reducing certain viruses and bacteria, and tackling odors.

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2. Ventilation & Air Exchange

Proper ventilation allows clean outside air to enter while removing or diluting polluted indoor air, thus increasing the IAQ.

3. Proper Air Filter

Upgrading to a MERV 13 filter allows for excellent filtration and reducing odors and air contaminants for sensitive environments while keeping within allowable static pressure drop parameters. What is a MERV rating? It stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The scale is 1-16 and it is how effectively your filter will trap the particulates in the air through your HVAC system. Please see below for MERV ratings.

MERV Ratings


4. UV Lighting

UV lighting is purifying your ducts to insure the air that passes through your air filters remains clean and uncontaminated as it continues to flow through your building.

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How We’ve Improved IAQ

ISL Engineering came to us because they value the environmental effects of their infrastructure projects. Nordic partnered with them and installed the latest GPS NPBI Technology to take their indoor air quality to the next level and improve their community impact.

The ‘V’ in HVAC has never mattered more – How is your VENTILATION system running?

Occupancy in buildings has changed considerably in the past two years. Whether your building is full or minimally staffed or unoccupied, the experts in our field and at Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd. can suggest the most efficient HVAC system to help you reduce costs and improve the performance of your building.

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