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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, you need it and Nordic has the necessary managing, planning, and processing skills to provide you with preventative and efficient maintenance and service.

Building Automation

Nordic has partnered with Schneider Electric to provide integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) to be your complete, one-stop solution for controlling multiple building systems and lowering energy costs.

Building Upgrades & Retrofits

As your business grows and adapts, so do your facilities needs and requirements. Nordic is right there alongside you, in partnership, in order to provide a well detailed project scope of work, provide expertise and the best application solution to meet or exceed the need.

Energy Monitoring

We offer our support and service for organizations to help monitor and control energy costs through data versus unfounded recommendations.

Security Systems

Getting the best security system is a top priority for businesses. To keep up with security demands and stay ahead of risk, Nordic offers the right products and security solutions to fully secure a building.

Pipe Repair & Restoration

Pull-in-Place pipe lining is an effective procedure that restores corroded or eroded drain, waste and vent piping systems without the costly expense and disruption of pipe replacement.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Nordic’s plumbing offering is focused on service within existing buildings including backflow preventer installation, test and certification, energy conservation and even safety concerns.

Commercial Electrical Services

Nordic is proud to be a single source solution for our clients as we have the technical expertise helping look after electrical needs within facilities whether it is through electrical service, energy conservation or even safety concerns through infrared scans.

YMCA Edmonton

YMCA Edmonton came to Nordic challenged by their aging infrastructure which was resulting in frequent breakdowns and high energy and operational costs. Nordic’s solutions resulted in enhancements to indoor environmental quality and other improvements.

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Spartan Controls

Spartan Controls’ had a sophisticated building design, but faced design issues and deficiencies. Nordic provided Spartan Controls with a complete integrated building system solution with a proactive HVAC, BMS and security maintenance strategy which significantly reduced administrative costs.

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