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Security and Business Protection Solutions

Nordic offers a full range of security and fire solutions for every market, whether it be through retrofitting your existing equipment or by providing the latest technology. With a Nordic solution, you can expect the most intelligent and flexible solutions for small, medium, and enterprise class businesses. Our team of professionals have been providing security solutions for nearly fifteen years.

Security Solutions – Designed Together with our partner Schneider Electric!

Alarms & Surveillance

With the latest alarm and surveillance options available you can be aware of what is happening in and around your facility at any time as well as record it for future reference. Regardless of your environment, Nordic will draw on years of experience to ensure a custom designed solution built to secure your most important assets. We will also keep you informed in real time via our industry leading monitoring systems and give you the power to manage your security tools either on site or remotely.  We can help you see exactly what you need to, when you need to, from anywhere.


Access Control & Door Cards

Safety at the workplace is of the utmost importance to any business. That is why Nordic’s access control solutions are designed to ensure that you are providing a safe working environment not only for your employees but also for any visitor to your location.

Your business will also be safe from unwanted intruders and you will no longer need to worry about lost keys as swipe cards or fingerprint/retina scanners will now control access to your facilities.

Our access control solutions will also give you control of who can access each area in your place of business, and at what times, to ensure you are able to reduce potential damage or theft to assets and inventory, as well as see exactly who is where in the event of a shutdown or emergency. We can help you control your physical property when you need to, from anywhere.


ULC Fire Monitoring

ULC fire monitoring is not only an important level of security for your employees and assets – in most cases it is a fire code requirement.  That is why at Nordic we partner with industry leading manufacturers and monitoring service providers to ensure that you have complete peace of mind.

Fire alarm systems alone do not typically notify the local fire department and can lead to costly or even life threatening situations.  By combining our ULC fire monitoring with your fire alarm system you can be assured that the fire department is always dispatched as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Spartan Controls

Spartan Controls needed an integrated security solution with no downtime. This was achieved with an intelligent building design – security, HVAC and lighting systems – all with a single point of control.

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