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Spartan Controls is located in a sophisticated newly expanded building, however the building posed some design issues and deficiencies. The existing access control system was outdated, discontinued, and needed to be integrated with a security solution that provided no downtime. The building management system (BMS) also needed to be integrated with the entire building and a ULC approved fire solution was required.

Nordic developed a Guaranteed Preventative Maintenance (GPM) program completely customized for Spartan Controls. A unified building management system (BMS) was implemented with a proactive HVAC, BMS and Security maintenance strategy. The building was retro-fitted with an updated security platform, the fire panel was brought up to ULC code, and HVAC and lighting systems were fully integrated. Service professionals with the appropriate level of expertise were assigned to the site for maintenance and to ensure performance consistency.

In conclusion, Spartan Controls saw a significant reduction in administrative costs with total budget control and the implementation of a proactive strategy. Spartan is also saving on down-time due to the seamless transition, completed outside of business hours, to remotely access the building.Overall, the intelligent building design offers improved security, HVAC, and lighting systems that have a single point of control, providing Spartan with a streamlined approach to managing their building’s mechanical systems.


Client Issues:

  • New building design issues and deficiences
  • Sophisticated building design
  • Integrating building management system (BMS) within the entire building



  • Guaranteed preventative maintenance program
  • Dedicated service professionals
  • Complete integrated building system solution with a proactive HVAC, BMS and security maintenance strategy


Bottom Line:

  • Total budget control and proactive strategy implementation
  • Significant reduction of administrative costs
  • Mitigated down-time due to remote access to site