Top 10 Services to Help Improve Your Facility

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Here are a few services that we can provide to help reduce and control costs, while simultaneously improving your building’s environment:

  1. High efficiency HVAC filter replacements, additional filter changes
  2. Installation of HEPA filters to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)
  3. Infrared scanning of equipment to check operation and detect high temperatures
  4. UV Lights in ductwork; UV portable units for healthcare locations and data centers
  5. Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) that improve indoor air quality
  6. Validation of outside air damper settings and/or controls to avoid mold growth
  7. Validation of correct air balance in buildings via NEBB if AABC certified test and balance contractors
  8. Evaporator coil cleanings
  9. Dry duct cleaning
  10. Building controls validation to ensure systems are operating properly

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Source: Linc Service