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We deliver comprehensive service and asset management plans to extend the life of building HVAC systems and provide owner assurance. We work with our clients and partners to help ultimately lower owning and operating costs, improve profitability and mitigate financial risk as it relates to your building system assets whether a leased or owned facility. Look to us for preventative maintenance, fast service response, integration of systems, and proactive planning.

HVAC Service

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, you need it. We have the necessary skills to provide you with preventative and efficient maintenance and service. We have the capacity and expertise to provide superior indoor air quality with proper ventilation and filtration. Our proven track record allows you to remain focused on your core business while we take care of your mechanical and greatly reduce the costs incurred.


Nordic’s HVAC preventative maintenance plans limits unforeseen issues. However, we understand the need for immediate and reliable response when the unexpected does happen. That’s why Nordic is diligent in providing prompt service from our expert service professionals and technicians, so you can get your business back to business as usual, quickly. You can count on our service coordinators and our global positioning system (GPS) equipped fleet for safe, reliable, and rapid service. We provide superior responsiveness and service with a two hour response time averaging 41 minutes over the past 18 months.



Refrigeration units are mission-critical systems that can quickly cost you a fortune when they go down, both in lost business and wasted perishable food. Don’t let neglected maintenance lead to costly breakdowns. Our customized maintenance program will reduce operating costs and keep your equipment running efficiently. Having our trained refrigeration professionals regularly service your refrigeration equipment for signs of problems will prevent costly unexpected breakdowns. We act as a trusted partner that understands your business, helping you to design new systems, make smart equipment decisions and plan for future needs.


LINC Service Contractor since 1994

Nordic has earned LINC® Contractor of the Year recognition 5 times. As a Linc Service® contractor since 1994 Nordic offers bundled facility solutions to building owners and operators across Northern Alberta. Our partnership with Linc Service®  has separated us from the rest of the industry as Linc Service® is an international network, providing Nordic the resources, business systems and tools to help our clients with a proactive, predictable approach to managing building systems. As such Nordic has the ability to offer the most cost effective, high efficiency and professional HVAC assessments and asset management programs available in our community. When it comes to your HVAC needs coupled with our Linc Service® partnership we guarantee our services will optimize, protect and increase the value of your commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

To be honest the service and quality of the buildings is night and day since your team took over, more importantly systems don’t go down on a regular basis as they did before. We definitely have happier tenants, building managers and definitely a happier property  manager because if it. I’m very pro Nordic!

Stephen, CS Management

Kenworth Success Story

Kenworth came to Nordic needing complete building system integration. Our solution of a full integration for all building systems with remote access helped Kenworth reduce costs and improved budget control and improved ventilation conditions in the shop allowing for a safer and more productive work environment.

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