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Security is certainly at the forefront of business priorities. Now more than ever it is important to have a partner that can not only customize a security solution for your business and building needs but can follow through and look after these systems as your building needs evolve. Nordic is committed to being your single-source solution and integrated partner.

Client Issues:

  • Alarm signals with our current alarm technology require a staff member to travel to the site of the alarm with no indication as to whether it is valid versus false alarm which leads to a large amount of expensive callouts after hours.  On top of that staff are not aware of any potential danger they may be walking into when they respond to one of these calls.
  • Managing staff access to our various locations is quite cumbersome and time-consuming as each site is managed individually.  On top of managing each employee’s access, there is no easy way to remove access to sites for employees who leave our district, change locations or lose their keys and/or electronic fobs.


  • By deploying new DSC Neo alarm systems with integrated remote access at each location staff members can now view which specific alarm zones have tripped remotely which allows them to determine whether or not an alarm is real or false.  Alarm systems can also be reset remotely avoiding the need for costly site visits after hours.  On top of these benefits, staff can now track in real-time when zones are being tripped and if there is still active movement at a specific location to determine the level of danger that may be involved ahead of arriving on site.
  • By deploying Access Xpert by Schneider Electric at head office with access control at each location the district can now manage every user, door, and building schedule from a centralized location.  Users, doors, and schedules can now be added/moved/deleted in real-time with a full history of all system usage as well as the ability to grow or shrink the district-wide solution as needed to accommodate future changes.

Bottom Line:

  • Via the new intrusion systems, the client is now able to reduce the amount of after hours callouts which in turn reduces their overall security costs to manage their locations.  On top of cost savings, the staff now feel much more comfortable responding to alarm callouts and when needed they can contact the proper authorities to respond in kind rather than having an employee assume the risk of entering a location in alarm without any real knowledge of what is happening so overall this solution is much more cost effective and much safer for the district staff to rely on.
  • Management of users/doors/schedules is now simplified across the entire district as now only a few staff members at head office need to know how to manage the system versus multiple staff members at each location.  Authorized staff can now also manage any location remotely via a secure remote connection without all of the expensive, time-consuming trips to each site every time there is a personnel change or if someone loses their keys/electronic fobs.  On top of the cost savings realized with remote access, all changes to the system are now happening in real-time without lengthy delays to ensure any required changes take effect immediately and not after it is too late to prevent any unwanted building access.