Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

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How Will Winter Affect Your Boiler?

Going from not using your boiler all summer to using it a lot suddenly can put a lot of pressure on your boiler. Additionally, if your boiler isn’t prepared for the low temperatures it can result in frozen pipes. Both of these situations can cause equipment failure which can lead to business downtime. But don’t worry. We have put together a list of 6 steps to help you make sure your boiler is prepared for winter!


6 Steps To Prepare Your Boiler for Winter

1. Water Treatment

Futera 3 Boiler

Check your water treatment status of the boiler loop or if the system contains glycol, ensure proper freeze protection levels are met. Take test samples and follow up.

2. Combustion Analysis

Combustion analysis and calibration is to ensure proper gas pressures, fuel mixes, and firing efficiency.

3. Inspection/Cleaning

Make sure to clean and inspect your burners and heat exchangers. Along with refractory integrity, pilot lights and all related boiler components.

4. Maintenance Check

Check boiler pumps, pressures and temperatures along with ensuring that there no leaks and there are correct flow rates through the boiler.

5. Safety Check

Review boiler related safeties which include but are not limited to; flow switches, low level safeties, air switches, and pressure relief valves to ensure safe and efficient boiler operation.

6. Consult and Work with an Expert

The Nordic family consists of over 100 highly skilled professionals with dozens of years of experience in making buildings work. We offer expertise, advice, and strategic solutions for you building.

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