Fringe Theatre + Nordic = Valued Partnership 2023


Fringe Theatre + Nordic = Valued Partnership 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we are thrilled to recount the journey we embarked on with Fringe Theatre this year. The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is the largest, longest running Fringe Theatre Festival in North America. Similarly to Nordic, Fringe Theatre is committed to cultivating creativity and celebrating community.

What is Fringing?

Everyone is “fringing”!*


(verb) ‘to fringe’

  1. Enjoy a unique, evolving Edmonton experience.
  2. Being swept up in an international artistic force to be reckoned with.
  3. Taking an essential journey for every theatre lover.
  4. Participating in a rite of passage for artists from around the world.

2023 Involvement

Our involvement in the festival was more than just a collaboration; it was a passionate commitment to fostering creativity, community, and unforgettable experiences. In 2023 Nordic sponsored a designated festival space called Nordic Studio Theatre. Boasting sold-out shows and standing ovations, The Nordic Studio Theatre was home to nine indoor theatre shows, including five new works. Additionally, there were several sold out performances in the Nordic Studio Theatre during the Festival, totaling to 3,672 tickets sold. That’s 3.2% of all Festival tickets sold! A big shout out to the amazing Artists who worked their fringing butts off to fill those seats day and night!

Nordic Performing Arts Workshops Highlights:

  • There were 8 total Nordic Performing Arts Workshops (two canceled due to
  • 142 people participated in daily Nordic Performing Arts Workshops;
  • The highest amount of participants at Nordic Performing Arts Workshops in one
    day was on August 25th, with 40 people attending the workshop.

The Fringe Theatre Festival is an event that our company looks forward to every year. We’re excited to see what 2024’s theme will be. See you there!