Commitment That Continues To Make A Difference

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From Managing Partner, Rene Cloutier.

We have a tradition here at Nordic where we gather and eat Chinese Food on Christmas Eve, this did not happen this year during this unprecedented time. It is amazing to me to think about how many years this tradition has gone on and the moments that have been shared. This dinner and get together also gave us a chance to celebrate many milestones up to and including tenured team members who have worked with Nordic for 5, 10, 15, 20 years, and most of all celebrating one of our team members’ 25th year last year, helping make Nordic the company it is today.

Although this year’s gathering didn’t happen, our hope and prayer is to rally and celebrate together in 2021 – in a similar way – to commemorate and take note of these fine team members and friends.

To think upon all of Nordic’s festivities brings me joy and a smile to my face. I look forward to these events happening again in the near future such as our Klondike Days Breakfast, Nordic Palooza, Nordic’s Golf Tournament, our Annual General Meeting & Breakfast, our Adult Christmas Party, the Kids Christmas Event & of course our Christmas Eve Chinese Food Lunch where we hand out our Rings/Pendants with speeches…  All in one day!!! Ok perhaps not all in one day!

In the meantime, here are the team members that have arrived at tenure milestones and have many wins, losses, stories, learnings, and experiences to share, thank you for being a part of the Nordic Family;

 5 Years

Daryl Brown – February 17 2015

Joe Chapman – August 31 2015

Ande Anderson – November 15 2015

Amy House – January 13 2015


10 Years

Mike Barnes – January 28 2010


15 Years

Jeff Wood – February 7 2005

Owen Knorr – May 2 2005

John McInnes – May 16 2005

Lori-Ann Boudreau – October 11 2005

Cole Molella – December 14 2005


20 Years

Mike Morrell – June 19 2000

(Images prior to Covid19)


Thank you to these professionals and to all of you for your continued positive attitudes, commitment, and teamwork that serves our many customers, clients, community partners and making us a world class service and project delivery organization.

Also a special thank you to those of you who are on call and will respond to the needs of our customers and clients over these blustery, freezing cold days.  

Wishing everyone the most in 2021 in health and happiness, may 2021 be good to you and your family – as it is for my family & I.


Sincerely from the Cloutier Family