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Allison Dennis

Sales Manager

Allison has been with Nordic since 2005, she’s held roles as Maintenance Sales Representative, Senior Account Executive, and now Sales Manager. She spends her days managing and developing new business for the company, all the while ensuring that all the necessary support and materials are available to achieve divisional objectives for the sales team. Allison enjoys learning from her team as well as coaching and mentoring to help the sales team be as successful as they possibly can be, consistently remaining committed to the difference we make in our community. Allison is proud to be a part of such an extraordinary organization at Nordic that affords her a sustainable work-life balance.

Community Involvement

As a volunteer, Allison sits as a Director for the Foundation Board at Chrysalis; an organization that nurtures, supports and places people with cognitive disabilities in our community. She also enjoys time with her family, lake life and yoga.


Allison has achieved 7 Diamond Awards, Platinum Sales Recognition and Highest Annual Sales Achievement in the LINC® Network. Allison is a part of a North American Sales Peer Group to help her strengthen, grow and to help foster and mentor others in the mechanical industry.

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